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Music classes at Shannon Park provide students with opportunities to actively participate in a wide variety of exciting musical activities including singing, playing instruments, moving, dancing, composing, reading music, and listening to music. While engaged in the musical process, students explore the eight elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, tempo, form, dynamics and articulation. Students take part in music classes one or two times a week with Mrs. Radspinner.

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Kathleen Radspinner

Voicemail: 85084

Grade Level Highlights

  • Grade K: songs, rhymes, rhythm instruments & singing games
  • Grade 1: introduction to Orff instruments, Showcase performance in March
  • Grade 2: exploration of the four families of the orchestra, ONCE UPON A TIME performance in January
  • Grade 3: Orchestra Hall field trip in December, A WORLD OF MUSIC performance in May, Da Capo Choir
  • Grade 4: playing the recorder, Dakota Valley Festival Children's Choir, patriotic musical performance in May
  • Grade 5: playing the guitar, African drumming, Garage Band, MUSICAL performance in January, Da Capo Choir