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5th Grade

Welcome to fifth grade! This last year of elementary school is one of excitement and growth for your child.

It is in fifth grade that the transition to middle school begins. We look forward to working with and your child as he/she continues to work towards becoming a confident, self-motivated learner.

Goal: It is our goal that fifth grade students leave elementary school as confident, self-motivated learners. To achieve that goal students will need to:

  • take responsibility for their own work habits
  • demonstrate good organizational skills
  • apply decision-making skills and take responsibility for their own choices

Each teacher has his/her own voicemail number and an email which allows you to leave messages throughout the day and evening. For voicemail, dial 651-683-6969 and enter the correct extension. Please report any absences by e-mailing or by calling the school attendance voicemail at 651-683-6969 ext. 85095.

Meet the Teachers

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