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2nd Grade

In second grade, enthusiasm, organization and the sharing of ideas are keys to success.

Students develop academic and social skills they will use throughout their lives. We have many unique and educational activities planned to make the students' year educationally rewarding. It is our belief that each child has the right to grow both academically and socially, in a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Our vision is that each second grader can become a successful independent learner. We will "team" with learners, parents, and staff in order to nurture students to fulfill their unique potential.

Each teacher has his/her own voicemail number and an email which allows you to leave messages throughout the day and evening. For voicemail, dial 651-683-6969 and enter the correct extension. Please report any absences by e-mailing or by calling the school attendance voicemail at 651-683-6969 ext. 85095.

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